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Bloodborne Collection Arrives to PlayStation Gear Store


Bloodborne Collection Arrives to PlayStation Gear Store

The Playstation Gear store now has clothing for all you Bloodborne players to show off. Sadly, no life-size Blunderbuss.

So you like Bloodborne, do ya? You like the challenging combat, the world, the constant dying. But maybe you want to show everyone you like the game. Not just the people in your friends’ list, but whoever you see out in public. Everyone has to know that you’re a Bloodborne player, dammit! Sony is giving you the opportunity to show off your love of From Software’s newest title with a Bloodborne collection in the PlayStation Gear store.

Right now, you can show off your Hunter cred with t-shirts of the logo and Hunter in action. There’s a messenger bag for you to hold your Blood Vials in, and a pint glass with the Bloodborne logo for those special nights when you want to get alcohol poisoning take a shot each time you die in the game. The Hunter statue that was given to owners of the limited edition is up for pre-sale, but no date has been provided for when it’ll be open to the public. Sony has promised that more Bloodborne goodness will be coming, just be sure to check the store for updates. Maybe they’ll give you your own life-size Blunderbuss!

…Okay, that actually sounds awesome, please do this, Sony.

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