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Bloodborne: How to Beat the Celestial Emissary

how to beat celestial emissary

Bloodborne: How to Beat the Celestial Emissary

Meet the cutest boss in Bloodborne.

If you thought all the bosses prior to this one were hard, take a breath. The Celestial Emissary, much like the Witch of Hemwick, is one of the easiest bosses you’ll face in Bloodborne. Located in the Upper Cathedral Ward, the Celestial Emissary has three different attack phases you’ll need to take note of. Here’s how to beat the Celestial Emissary in Bloodborne.

How to Beat the Celestial Emissary in Bloodborne

During the first phase, you’ll notice that a Celestial Mob will continuously spawn and try to overwhelm you. Thankfully, these little blobby guys are pretty easy to deal with. A good crowd control weapon like the Threaded Cane in its extended form will make short work of them. Alternatively, bolt magic seems to work rather effectively as well. If you’ve got your hands on a Tonitrus, hitting L1 to give it a bolt charge and then whacking the Celestial Mob with it will deal some heavy damage.

However, you’ll notice that killing the Celestial Mob won’t do any actual damage to the boss itself. That’s because the Celestial Emissary is actually hiding from you. Head down to the lower area to find a Celestial being that’s acting differently from the rest of the mob – this one is much less aggressive and will not follow the mob to attack you.

Once you’ve located it, keep attacking it until you’ve taken away about one-third of its health. This first phase is pretty easy, but make sure you don’t get swarmed with the Celestial Mob. Always make sure you have enough stamina to back away before coming back in to continue the assault.

Once you’ve taken away about one-third of its health, the Celestial Emissary will grow into a much larger version of itself with some melee attacks to go along with it. The Celestial Emissary will get a little more aggressive in this second phase of the fight and will swipe at you when you’re close.

Thankfully, it’s really slow, making it easy for you to sidestep swiftly and attack from behind. Its swipes can do a considerable amount of damage, but this shouldn’t pose as too much of a problem since it can’t keep up with you in terms of speed.

During this second phase, try to lure the Celestial Emissary to the upper level of the arena instead of fighting it in the lower level. The Celestial Mob will continuously respawn, and fighting in the lower level could be dangerous as it’s easy for the mob to surround you.

Fighting on the upper level will at least force the enemies into a choke point, where you can easy damage the boss and its mob with a good extended weapon.

When the Celestial Emissary is down to the last third of its health, it will sprout tentacles on its head and start firing off magic projectiles at you. Again, this shouldn’t be much of a problem because the boss will still be just as slow as it was, and the projectiles can be dodged with relative ease.

I’d suggest backing away and taking cover behind a pillar whenever it fires the projectiles, and then getting behind it to continue your assault. As long as you make sure to stay behind the boss, you’ll be safe from its melee swipes.

The real challenge of this fight is ensuring the Celestial Mob doesn’t overwhelm you. The worst mistake you can make is getting too greedy with your hits and running out of stamina, giving the mob an opportunity to swarm you with attacks.

Always make sure that you have just enough stamina to roll out of harm’s way after a barrage of attacks. Let your stamina recharge, then head back in for another round of blows. Keep your stamina up, get behind the boss, and the Celestial Emissary will be toast in no time at all.

That’s all you need to know for how to beat the Celestial Emissary in Bloodborne. For more guides, tips, tricks, or advice feel free to check out Twinfinite’s Bloodborne wiki.

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