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Bloodborne Boss Guide: How to Easily Beat Micolash, Host of the Nightmare


Bloodborne Boss Guide: How to Easily Beat Micolash, Host of the Nightmare

He wears a cage as a hat, so he’s probably a bit crazy.

By this time you should have come across quite a few odd enemies within the world of Bloodborne. From witches who summon other witches, to tall creatures that carry bloody sacks oddities are perfectly normal in the city of Yharnam. Yet, the developers at From Software managed to create a boss that comes across as completely batshit insane, even with the backdrop of people literally using their minds and humanity. That boss is none other than Micolash, Host of the Nightmare, and he is an odd one indeed.

Micolash is a very powerful individual, but he is oddly easy to beat provided that you bring the necessary tools to the job. What any hunter venturing to defeat Micolash should bring are some Blood Vials, Fire Paper, Molotov Cocktails, Oil Urns, and patience. Fire will get you through a lot of the threats quickly and easily. And, if need be, you can use fire against Micolash himself, although it most likely won’t be necessary. Also, bring a weapon with a decent reach, such as the Hunters Axe or the Staff Cane. Once you’re organized, it’s time to go. The area you’ll be fighting in is a series of stairs and doorways, and it’s easy to get lost so take your time.

Micolash, Host of Nightmares has the ability to summon these skeletal like enemies. They are surprisingly powerful despite their emaciated appearance, and it should be known that you can not use regain against them after being hit. Their damage can only be cured with a Blood Vial which is why you’re going to want to keep a comfortable distance between you and them. The good thing is that they are extremely vulnerable to fire damage. When you’re dealing with two or more of these enemies at a time, use a fire paper and quickly dispatch them. They can be revived by Micolash if you happen to enter their area again, so keep that in mind as well.

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