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Bloodborne: How to Beat Micolash, Host of the Nightmare

how to beat Micolash bloodborne

Bloodborne: How to Beat Micolash, Host of the Nightmare

By this time you should have come across quite a few odd enemies within the world of Bloodborne. From witches who summon other witches, to tall creatures that carry bloody sacks oddities are perfectly normal in the city of Yharnam. Yet, the developers at From Software managed to create a boss that comes across as completely batshit insane, even with the backdrop of people literally using their minds and humanity. That boss is none other than Micolash, Host of the Nightmare, and he is an odd one indeed. Here’s how to beat Micolash, Host of the Nightmare in Bloodborne.

How to Beat Micolash in Bloodborne

Micolash is a very powerful individual, but he is oddly easy to beat provided that you bring the necessary tools to the job. What any hunter venturing to defeat Micolash should bring are some Blood Vials, Fire Paper, Molotov Cocktails, Oil Urns, and patience.

Fire will get you through a lot of the threats quickly and easily. And, if need be, you can use fire against Micolash himself, although it most likely won’t be necessary. Also, bring a weapon with a decent reach, such as the Hunters Axe or the Staff Cane. Once you’re organized, it’s time to go. The area you’ll be fighting in is a series of stairs and doorways, and it’s easy to get lost so take your time.

Micolash, Host of Nightmares has the ability to summon these skeletal like enemies. They are surprisingly powerful despite their emaciated appearance, and it should be known that you can not use regain against them after being hit.

Their damage can only be cured with a Blood Vial which is why you’re going to want to keep a comfortable distance between you and them. The good thing is that they are extremely vulnerable to fire damage. When you’re dealing with two or more of these enemies at a time, use a fire paper and quickly dispatch them. They can be revived by Micolash if you happen to enter their area again, so keep that in mind as well.

Now Micolash himself will actually stand completely still while waiting for you to approach. Once you get close enough he will run. If he hits a dead end he will turn around and run back towards you, but will not attack. You can use that opportunity to get off a heavy attack or two on Micolash before he does his disappearing act.

As long as he stay in the area with the stairs where you first encounter him he will not attack at all, he will only revive skeletons. There is a chance that he will run into the side area that is sort of like a patio where two skeletons are also lying in wait. It is only in this area that he will actually go on the offensive.

If he enters this space, rush him in the corner and use a wide attack to damage him while also dealing with the skeletons at his side. Once they’re down back away. Micolash will try to stun any hunter by shooting out tentacles from his hands. It’s easy to dodge with a simple sidestep/roll and it leaves him completely open.

Use that opportunity to hit him with everything you’ve got. His only other attack during this stage is a punch, which is also very easy to dodge. Keep the pressure on him and he will seemingly die at half health. What really happens is that he takes on a new body, that looks exactly the same, elsewhere.

Head up the stairs of the area you were just in and you’ll find yourself on a set of spiral stairs. There will be two enemies with with the ability to do some serious poison damage as well as tons of physical damage.

Let some molotov cocktails fly and then rush in for the kill. If you have to use a few blood vials here do so, there is a body at the top of the stairs that has a few to replenish your stock. Whatever you do don’t let them pin you against a wall, they will kill you quickly.

Once up the stairs you will find yourself in a similar setup to where you just were, locate Micolash and he will flee. He will jump down to an area and just stand there. The funny thing is that he will not move until you jump down as well, no matter how much you attack him.

If you want you can use this chance to whittle down some of Micolash’s health with throwables, although this second phase is just as simple as the last so there is really no need. Once you do decide to join him he will dash behind a gate that locks itself leaving him unable to be reached. Be careful with the four skeletons in the area as you make your way back up.

At the top of the area is a huge gap with a lantern on the other side. If you look to the side of where you stand you’ll notice an opening that your hunter can get through. Follow this and it will lead you to a whole in the floor. Three guesses as to what’s at the bottom.

If you guessed the room that Micolash locked himself in, give yourself a prize and be ready to beat him senseless. Drop down (you’ll probably land on him which stuns him) and go on the offensive. Same rules as the last encounter apply, dodge his tentacles and attack from the side. He does have one new arcane attack that does a decent amount of damage, but it is easily disrupted by a single hit. If you can’t get into him in time, just dodge backwards and you’ll be fine.

After his Micolash’s defeat you’ll be treated to a short cutscene and granted access to the next area. Before moving on, search the nearby areas where you were just fighting Micolash at for an item called the Iron Door Key, it will prove to be very useful later.

That’s all you need to know for how to beat Micolash in Bloodborne. For more guides, tips, tricks, and information concerning Bloodborne be sure to check out our wiki.

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