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Animals Can Report Your Crimes in GTA V on PC


Animals Can Report Your Crimes in GTA V on PC

Animals with iFruit phones are reporting your crimes.

You’re out in the sticks in Los Santos. After trudging over grassy hills for what feels like hours there’s a locked car just up the road. Nobody’s around, so you steal it. After all, this is GTA V. Now annoyingly, you’re reported to the police for this criminal transgression. There isn’t another human soul for miles around and that crummy rustbucket doesn’t have any sort of alarm system on it, so who reported you to the fuzz.

The answer is Tiddles, that mountain lion hiding in the bushes.

Unearthed deep with the code of GTA V‘s PC release, there’s irrefutable proof that deer and cats are just as capable of reporting crimes to the police as their human counterparts. Proof of this can be found in the image below.

gta v

That’s it, written into the code of GTA V for all to see. Why this happened, nobody really knows. It adds to the craziness that is GTA V perfectly, but does seem to be something that’ll likely be removed soon by the mod community.

This and many other details have been unearthed thanks to the OpenIV program. The program, which GTA IV players will remember as being an important step in that title’s modding progress, was able to crack into the code within only 48 hours. It even unearthed some crazy hidden assets like zombies and horses, both of which are not yet available in the game via any means.

So remember that the next time you seek vengeance for someone snitching on your in your criminal escapades. That guy on the phone might just be talking to his bank, it’s the cats you’ve got to watch out for. It’s also likely that this is also something that exists in the code for GTA V on other platforms so console owners, beware of the dog.

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