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The 6 Player Types We All Meet in GTA Online


The 6 Player Types We All Meet in GTA Online

The Police Officer

These players definitely deserve to be the first into the fray of this list because they’re perhaps the most memorable. The explosive loons and speed demons have their own real estate in our memories, but it’s the wannabe cops whose siren call endears us to them the most. Los Santos’ authorities already do a good job of policing the streets and (trying) to keep the peace. Yet, their dedication doesn’t even come close to that of a player, who chose to eschew the criminal life of GTA Online‘s majority and instead does their utmost to prosecute felons in their own personal way.

The journey of a roleplaying cop in GTA Online doesn’t always start out as a completely legal one. While it is possible to create a police officer’s uniform of some description from purchased clothing or via Heists, police cars themselves are not as easy to find. If you see a player driving around in one roleplaying as the long arm of the law, then they probably stole it from an officer responding to their crimes or took it with a five finger discount from the parking lot outside of the Los Santos Police Station.

They’re normal players, just like you and I. They enjoy the same things everyone does and engage in the same activities. The difference is that they want to engage with GTA Online‘s world on a deeper level. Customization is available, but you’re still going to be a criminal no matter what. The roleplaying police community of GTA Online is much larger than you may think. Don’t be surprised when someone on a headset is screaming at you to pull over or calling in 487 after you steal a car from under their noses. Los Santos’ police department doesn’t recognize their authority. Engage in the fun and indulge a roleplaying police officer though, and you’ve opened a gateway to a great time for all involved parties.

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