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5 Ingenious Video Game Marketing Campaigns


5 Ingenious Video Game Marketing Campaigns

These days, most games are marketed with a trailer, maybe a magazine ad. Then there are developers that go the extra mile.

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Get Tested


Infamous Second Son jumps ahead seven years after the end of Infamous 2. Despite Cole saving the world by killing the Beast, he also ended up killing a lot of Conduits in the process. The Department of Unified Protection was created to hunt down the remaining Conduits, calling them Bio-Terrorists and instilling fear of them in the general public to the point where the people who discover they’re Conduits are disheartened by it.

As a cool way of promoting the game, there was the Enjoy Your Power website. How it works is you answer some questions, put in some personal info, and you get a test in the mail. Completing the test will help you find out if you’re a deadly Bio-Terrorist or a regular old human. It’s a fun little ARG and time killer. If nothing else, you can talk about what powers you get with your friends and have some arguments over who could kick who’s ass.

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