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5 Ingenious Video Game Marketing Campaigns


5 Ingenious Video Game Marketing Campaigns

These days, most games are marketed with a trailer, maybe a magazine ad. Then there are developers that go the extra mile.

Get Tested


Infamous Second Son jumps ahead seven years after the end of Infamous 2. Despite Cole saving the world by killing the Beast, he also ended up killing a lot of Conduits in the process. The Department of Unified Protection was created to hunt down the remaining Conduits, calling them Bio-Terrorists and instilling fear of them in the general public to the point where the people who discover they’re Conduits are disheartened by it.

As a cool way of promoting the game, there was the Enjoy Your Power website. How it works is you answer some questions, put in some personal info, and you get a test in the mail. Completing the test will help you find out if you’re a deadly Bio-Terrorist or a regular old human. It’s a fun little ARG and time killer. If nothing else, you can talk about what powers you get with your friends and have some arguments over who could kick who’s ass.

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