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4 GTA IV Mods That Desperately Belong in GTA V


4 GTA IV Mods That Desperately Belong in GTA V

Let’s just change a few things…

Viva New York Mod (For LA Instead)


Now that Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is finally making its way to PC, many are brimming with excitement over the opportunity to mod the living hell out of this game. Ideas for weapons, and vehicles are already dancing through the minds of those who decided to wait (or those re-buying). Yet, some people forget that Grand Theft Auto IV came before and was introduced to a bevy of mods that really transformed that experience into something new and exciting. Mods that absolutely need to make their way to Grand Theft Auto V in order to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

The first of these is the Viva New York mod. This is a mod that transformed Liberty City’s advertisements, vehicles, and other amenities into their real world, New York City counterpart. Gone were the tongue-in-cheek parodies of Times Square ads, now it looked as if you were really roaming the streets of the Big Apple. Of course, GTA V doesn’t take place in the city that never sleeps. Instead, a mod just like this one needs to be recreated to transform the city of Los Santos into Los Angeles and its surrounding areas.

Just imagine, no more having to kill people in front of the Vinewood sign, now you will be able to take your homicidal selfies like a true Hollywood Star.

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