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4 Bloodborne and Dark Souls Cosplayers to Be Inspired By


4 Bloodborne and Dark Souls Cosplayers to Be Inspired By

Become the hero you were meant to be.

Mekiwates – Bloodborne and Dark Souls

bloodborne cosplay 2 mekiwates

Among the few Bloodborne cosplayers I could find, Mekiwates proved to be a consistently amazing and hardworking master of his craft. Perusing through his DeviantArt page provides incredible insight into how the costume was thought out and built over time – especially since the costume was built well before the game was released and was based on screenshots captured from the trailer. For example, he provides a series of concept photos detailing his progress in creating the sawblade and the blunderbuss here, here, and here. In a separate photo, Mekiwates shows his process in creating the iconic hunter’s hat.

As referenced in his recent blog posts, he shows no signs of stopping. Inspired by his gameplay experiences with Bloodborne, he has posted a list of additional weapons and props he is currently working on:

Few props that I’m currently working on.
– Burial Blade
– Gehrman’s Pistol
– Hunter’s Axe
– Hunter’s Pistol
– Meanwhile my Kirkhammer is still left un-finished (hope to finish it by 2 weeks or so)
– Father G’s costume
– Gehrman’s costume

dark souls cosplay 1 mekiwates

Mekiwates has also devoted a considerable portion of his online portfolio showcasing WIP and convention photos of his equally impressive Knight Artorias cosplay from Dark Souls. Photos can be found at the following links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Can’t wait to see his future works!



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