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20 Real-Life GTA "Wasted" GIFs to Make You Cringe in Pain


20 Real-Life GTA "Wasted" GIFs to Make You Cringe in Pain

Proof that the “Wasted” screen fits real life better than in GTA.

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Grand Theft Auto (GTA) has influenced many aspects of our world. That’s a strange thing to say, really, because everything in GTA is actually a twisted and often comedic parody of what we actually have. Perhaps one of the most prevelant examples of this influence comes in the form of the game’s death animations. When players are killed in much of the series, the screen slows down and wobbles before displaying the word “wasted” in the middle of the screen. Of course, the internet found a way to give this new life in a really rather awesome way. So here’s 20 of the greatest “wasted” GIFs that we could find on the internet.

Don’t worry though folks, no one who is featured in these images was seriously injured.


Always best to start off slow. Somewhat ironic that she completely missed the largest floor mat ever created by humanity and was felled by a simple wall.

Who gets the slam dunk in this situation, the boy or the hoop?

With the rise of bicycles in GTA: San Andreas and GTA V, this one just seems incredibly fitting. This is also quite a poetic GIF. The fact that this fit and lively young gentleman injures himself as he rides away from a McDonald’s just makes it all the more worthwhile.

If you’ve ever had trust issues, spare a thought for this girl. She’s now never going to trust her friends again and will have an unnatural hatred for GTA.

There’s a reason why divers usually do this in water. Somehow we also wish that Grand Theft Auto V had parkour just so we could replicate this properly in the game.

Obviously they planned this move in the locker room to give her an advantage in reaching the hoop. Obviously they didn’t plan it well enough. Obviously the girl in orange is also telekinetic.

Take a dog and throw a burrito at it. Something’s bound to go wrong no matter what happens. That poor burrito.

Is it just us, or does that fall towards the floor seem to last forever. The slo-mo sure doesn’t help.

Is that a hot jet of volcanic steam? We could just record it but no, I’ve got an idea. I’m going to stick my face in it. Steam isn’t hot, right?

There are two things here that are confusing. The first is why would you go kite flying at this time of the year? The other, why does the chap towards the front of the screen fall over. Empathy, or laughter?

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