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16 of the Most Memorable Game Over Screens


16 of the Most Memorable Game Over Screens


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catherine game over

It’s bad enough when your game is over, but when love is over, you have a serious problem. Catherine was all about piling on the weirdness – what with the anthropomorphic sheepmen climbing a seemingly endless tower as it collapses beneath them – and its game over screen is no exception. Notice too that it doesn’t say “your” love is over, but LOVE is over. All love, everywhere is over, and it’s your fault because you couldn’t figure out a block-pushing puzzle. Good going you schmuck!

King’s Quest 6

King's Quest 6

Sierra Entertainment knew that you were going to die a lot in their adventure games, so they put in the effort to give the death screens a little more panache than usual. These signature deaths usually included a wry quip or pun about your hilarious demise. King’s Quest 6 upped the ante with a fully animated scene of Prince Alexander walking into the land of the dead every time you died. This was made even more clever by the fact that you actually have to sneak into the land of the dead later in the game. Don’t forget to try using those suspiciously xylophone-esque bones in the bottom right when you get there.

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