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10 Hilarious Easter Eggs Found in Videogames


10 Hilarious Easter Eggs Found in Videogames

Look at all the pretty eggs.

Disco in Crysis 2

So it’s Easter; it’s a time for chocolate, a time for bunnies, and most importantly, a time for eggs. What kind of eggs, you ask? Why, Easter eggs of course. And what better Easter egg to kick this list off than the hidden disco in Crysis 2?

Crysis 2 is a relatively serious game that puts players in all sorts of dangerous scenarios. So when the developers decided to throw in what is arguably one of the funniest Easter eggs to ever appear in a shooter, everyone took notice. During a certain mission, in a certain building with certain red carpets, you will stumble across an elevator that lacks power. Head around the corner to find the power switch, then return. Hit the button now and prepare to smile at this colorful Easter egg.

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