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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Standalone to Launch in May


Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Standalone to Launch in May

Back to the front in a prequel to a sequel in standalone form. My head hurts.

Wolfenstein fans out there, hear the call of MachineGames. A standalone title is being released in the Wolfenstein bloodline, fittingly called Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, which will fill in some of the story before what we saw in Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Due for release May 5, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood sees grizzled, gun-toting guy of action B.J. Blazkowicz slaughtering Nazis in 1946. The game takes place on the brink of the Nazis winning World War II in Wolfenstein’s very own alternate timeline, and will take place across two portions.

The first part will see B.J. taking the fight to Castle Wolfenstein in the hopes of liberating the coordinates of General Deathshead’s. To do this he must battle against a maniacal prison warden to get what he needs. The second half of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood sees our hero heading to the city of Wulfsburg, where an archaeologist is unearthing strange and mystical artifacts which threaten the whole world with dark powers.

There’s very little on-hand right now to go on, but with the success of Wolfenstein: The New Order and the fact it will be filling in the opening section of this tale, this new game is almost guaranteed to be a hit.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via digital channels only at $19.99/€19.99/£14.99 worldwide on May 5.

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