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Will Goat Simulator Now Be in Dota 2 with New Courier?


Will Goat Simulator Now Be in Dota 2 with New Courier?

The wacky hijinks of Coffee Stain Studios strike again, as the infamous Goat Simulator will be expanding its horizons. A new courier will be introduced in the massively successful MOBA, Dota 2, and will feature none other than everyone’s beloved goat. It’s unsurprisingly silly, but so are many of the custom designs of microtransactions in the Dota 2 framework. The goat will have to pass through the Steam Workshop with some good old fashioned democracy, with people voting whether it should be allowed. You can put in your own vote in at the link. But let’s be real, it probably has already exceeded its vote quota to be inducted into the game. Expect to see some goats roaming around the battlefield in Dota 2. Or if they are enemy goats, just make sure they’re slain in a brutal manner to deprive the enemy team of convenient item delivery.

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