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Umbra Trailer Launches & Could Give Diablo Stiff Competition


Umbra Trailer Launches & Could Give Diablo Stiff Competition

Diablo who?

There’s a trailer out for the upcoming Action RPG hack and slashathon Umbra. If you haven’t seen it yet, then click that video up above, or go to the trailer here. We can wait.

Looks awesome doesn’t it? Being developed by SolarFall Games using CryEngine, Umbra looks to take everything we love about hacking and slashing enemies to pieces for loot, then add a coat of additional awesome over the top. Besides the jaw-dropping visuals, there’s the promise of an open world and a no-class character system. In layman’s terms, you’ll be able to create a character that suits your play style rather than having to fiddle with a bunch of perks and abilities to make something half playable.

This independently developed title will be playable first at GDC 2015 which is going on right around now.

Umbra will randomly generate levels around the player as they travel through the open world using a system which creates level elements. You’ll have seen a system much like it before in Diablo 3 with that game’s placement of landmarks denoting points of interest. Umbra however looks to offer something a little bigger. Maybe even something a little better.

For loot lovers out there, Umbra will feature an asymmetrical equipment system. What’s that in English, you say? Well, you don’t slap a pair of shoulder pads onto your character that are exactly the same. Instead, you have to put on each boot or glove or indeed shoulder pad individually. This opens up the prospects for even finer gear tuning and of course some awesome looking characters.

Does Umbra take your interest, or are you a little tired of seeing third person action RPGs full of loot and shiny big monsters? Let us know in the comments down below.

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