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Ubisoft Announces Collaboration with Amblyotech Inc. for Dig Rush


Ubisoft Announces Collaboration with Amblyotech Inc. for Dig Rush

Ubisoft and Amblyotech Inc. have announced their collaboration on upcoming game Dig Rush to help patients suffering from Amblyopia. Full details here…

Ubisoft and Amblyotech Inc. have announced collaboration to create a brand new game known as  Dig Rush to help with the treatment of “lazy eye” or Amblyopia. Ubisoft reports that this affects 3% of children worldwide and can be a leading cause of blindness in adults when unsuccessfully treated. Dig Rush aims to provide an entertaining way of patients to undergo their Amblyopia therapy.

Amblyotech Inc. has focused on creating electronic media therapies for the treatment of Amblyopia and have an aim of reducing it’s prevalence in children. In cooperation with Ubisoft, Dig Rush has been created after heavy consultation with several experts in the field such as Jeff Blum at McGill University.

Joseph Koziak, CEO of Amblyotech states:

“With our agreement with Ubisoft, we are further able to provide physicians with a complete and accurate picture of treatment compliance to help them monitor patient progress throughout therapy,”

Dig Rush involves the use of 3D glasses and a tablet provided by their physician, players will work both their dominant and lazy eye in order to train the brain to improve visual perception. Dig Rush can be adjusted by the physician depending on the patients treatment and can be customized to provide a differing experience. This allows flexibility for all players to be able to play at a contrast level suited to their weak eye’s condition.

Currently, studies have shown significant improvement in visual function for children and adults through electronic media. Once it has been fully approved in the USA, the treatment will be made available worldwide.

You can read the full release here.

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