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Tropico 5 Coming to PlayStation 4 in April


Tropico 5 Coming to PlayStation 4 in April

Let the republic’s rise to glory, begin.

Good news El Presidente, your political decision making and glorious rule can once again be seen again, as Tropico 5 comes to PlayStation 4 this coming April.

Due to release in April 24, Tropico 5 will launch players into the job of ruling their very own republic. They’ll have to deal with the problems of citizens, the irritating itch of people not following their rule, and the gathering of funds when building their rule. There’s not much in the way of details right now so this is all we’ve got. Luckily, Tropico 5 is a good enough game to bring to consoles for us to be able to wait a little longer for more details we think.

That being said, you can already dip into Tropico 5 on PC now and have been able to since May of last year. If you really can’t wait to get Tropico 5 on your PlayStation 4, then consider investing in it on PC.

Strategy games, especially simulations like Tropico 5, often don’t see the success they find on PC come to console. Maybe Tropico 5 will buck the trend though, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Are you going to be getting your mitts on Tropico 5 on PlayStation 4 in April? Maybe you’ve already played it on PC and would like to share your opinion on it with us. Well you’re welcome to do so in the comments down below.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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