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Toukiden: Kiwami Demo Coming to EU PSN in March


Toukiden: Kiwami Demo Coming to EU PSN in March

Demo is almost demon. The link is there! The relationship is real!

Anyone who’s a fan of games like Monster Hunter and owns a PlayStation Vita will have heard somewhere about Koei Tecmo game Toukiden: Age of Demons. Offering a similar style of gameplay but with its own unique features, Toukiden found its way into the loving hearts of many upon its original release last year. The next entry in the series, Toukiden: Kiwami is due for release in March and gamers will be able to get their hands on a demo just before the game is launched.

Becoming available March 25th in Europe (no news yet as to when a North American one will be online), the Toukiden: Kiwami demo will offer plays two distinct ways in which to play the game. The first, titled the “Introductory Demo” will give players the opportunity to go through the games opening two chapters, while also being able to fully customize their own hunter. You’ll also be able to equip your hunter with one of the three new weapons. These are the Rifle, Club, and Naginata.

The second mode is comprised of “Special Missions”. They have been designed especially for this demo and are there to set down two different things. Fans of the original Toukiden: Age of Demons should expect to appreciate the difficulty of these tasks as they’ll more closely represent later game content. For new players, it’ll give them a glimpse at just how challenge Toukiden: Kiwami will become later in the game. Clearing all of these will open up a glimpse to Chapter 8 where the newer “Kiwami” section of the game begins.

While this demo is intended to get newcomers to the series hook, long-time fans will find themselves given a bevy of features to look upon and get excited about. The main draw for fans is that some new Oni, the enemies faced in these games, will be shown off.

The game is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita March 27 on all platforms and in western regions.

Are you tempted by Toukiden: Kiwami? Did you enjoy the original Age of Demons? Let us know down below.

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