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Titanfall DLC Free on PC Whether You Own the Game or Not


Titanfall DLC Free on PC Whether You Own the Game or Not

Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

You may have heard or read that Titanfall‘s DLC is available for free on Xbox One and Xbox 360 for a limited time. There’s no indication as to when this will end so if you’ve got a copy on those consoles, go grab the free season pass after reading this. If you’re a PC owner you can now get in on this deal too.

The important thing here is, you don’t need to technically own the game.

This could be a bug or some other issue that’s likely to be rectified, but you’re able to go over to the Origin store right this very second and download the Titanfall season pass for a price of nothing. Of course, you can’t actually play any of the content because the original game isn’t in your possession. Never hurts to pick up the season pass just in case the game goes on sale somewhere though, right?

Titanfall‘s free DLC offer is their way of celebrating a full year since the release of Respawn Entertainment’s premier release upon the gaming world. Titanfall is almost destined to be in a sale somewhere down the line so this offer is fairly freaking sweet.

While we haven’t mentioned it up until now, this does of course mean that if you already own Titanfall you’ll be able to get this content. Those who’ve already purchased a season pass however will not be offered anything.

Are you downloading the season pass content? Maybe you’ve owned Titanfall on PC and it’s season pass for a while now, so tell us how you feel about this in the comments box down below.

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