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This Controversial New Hyrule Warriors Character is a Chicken


This Controversial New Hyrule Warriors Character is a Chicken

All the years of oppression… What horrors have we brought upon ourselves?

Hyrule Warriors, the game that keeps on giving, is the labor of love that blends Dynasty Warriors style of button-mash, destroy entire armies gameplay with the vast Legend of Zelda franchise. The fourth and final DLC to be released for the game is set to be the “boss pack,” offering a host of different new boss challenges for seasoned Hyrule Warriors veterans to play through.

One of the most intriguing and unique characters in this Hyrule Warriors DLC is not what most gamers might expect: a giant Cucoo. Always the bane of poor Link’s existence should players hack their way through Cucoos in the Legend of Zelda franchise, Cucoos are best known for the way that they gang up and slowly obliterate anyone who enrages them, an ongoing joke that has stuck around since the classic days of A Link to the Past. Making a return in a big way – literally and metaphorically – the Giant Cucoo of Hyrule Warriors will act as a special unlockable character for those players who are strong enough to unlock it.

To unlock the Giant Cucoo in Hyrule Warriors, players will have to achieve an S-ranking the Level 3 Beast Ganon boss. Do this lofty task, and you will be able to slay countless Hyrule Warrior minions with your mighty clucks and crows. It’s pretty excellent that Hyrule Warriors has received so many expansive updates, adding countless hours to the already ridiculously expansive game. This new addition is just an extra little reward for the completioninsts out there who are crazy enough to pursue such difficult goals as to unlock some of the weirdest Zelda characters imaginable. For those excited souls who want their own Giant Cucoo, the new DLC for Hyrule Warriors will be live in North America for $2.99 (or as part of the season pass if you already purchased it) on March 12.

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