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These 7 Marvel Superheroes Deserve a Great Game


These 7 Marvel Superheroes Deserve a Great Game

Superheroes are kicking ass in the movies, not so much in games. Here’s 7 heroes in the Marvel Universe that could headline a great game.

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Blade was elevated to being fairly popular thanks to the Wesley Snipe films in the late 90s to early 2000s. Since then, the vampire hunter has slowly faded into relative obscurity, and while Marvel has the rights back, they haven’t done anything with him. They had two video games based on the first two films, but while the first one was pretty good, the second was hot garbage. A new game for this generation of consoles would be the perfect way to introduce people to the Daywalker, and luckily for them, there’s a game they can draw huge influence from: Arkham Asylum.

Being a vampire hunter, Blade finds himself going into vampire hideouts fairly often and doing what he does best. The films have shown us that he’s got an impressive arsenal at his hands. Glaives, stake guns, a chain whip, and his trademark sword should be at your disposal when dealing with vampires. Use your chain whip to quickly get around the upper parts of the area, your glaive to dispatch enemies stealthily from above. When you get caught and find yourself having to fight vampires head on, use your martial arts and your weapons to turn them into ash. And of course, you’ll need to take your serum, otherwise you may find yourself snacking on a human. And that’s not very Blade of you.

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