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The Evil Within The Assignment DLC Achievements Revealed


The Evil Within The Assignment DLC Achievements Revealed

Achieving something against evil.

The Evil Within came out last year to some praise from critics. Hell we gave it a 4/5 on site. That being said, players did meet the game with some mixed feelings. For people still playing and enjoying their time with The Evil Within, Bethesda recently announced the game’s latest DLC. Called The Assignment, the additional content promises to bring back to the game much of what its fans enjoyed. Even better news for achievement hunters out there, the developers have released a full list of the achievements packed into this DLC.

A full list of which follows here:

  • Prank Call – Lure an enemy with a phone call and lock them in a room (Chapter 1).
  • A Different Beginning Clear Chapter 1, “An Oath.”
  • Clutch! – Use a single trap to kill two or more enemies in The Assignment – (Chapter 2).
  • Not as it Seems – Clear Chapter 2, “Crossing Paths.”
  • A Warning – Complete the hidden letter in The Assignment.
  • All You Need is Axe – Survive the duel without using any electronic devices in the environment (Chapter 2).
  • Doctor’s Notes – Collect all Research Documents in The Assignment.
  • Not Afraid of the Dark – Clear The Assignment in KURAYAMI Mode.
  • Death Grip – Get a Cadaver to grab and kill a Haunted (Chapter 2).
  • A Piece of My Past – Collect all Personnel Files in The Assignment

The Evil Within‘s The Assignment DLC will be coming this month, just under half a year after the game was released.

Are these achievements enough to get you back into The Evil Within? Has the game already left your ownership via trade in? Let us know in the comments below.

[Source: The Evil Within website]

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