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Classic Strategy Syndicate Free on EA Origin Right Now


Classic Strategy Syndicate Free on EA Origin Right Now

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Over the past handful of weeks, Theme Hospital has been available on Origin via its “On the House” promotional giveaway. EA couldn’t be giving away this Bullfrog classic for free forever now could they, so another classic of Bullfrog’s making has been put up for free. Say goodbye to bloaty heads and slack tongues because now it’s time for Syndicate to make itself known.

Don’t go getting confused into the through that this is that so-so FPS that came out three years ago. It isn’t. Starbreeze had no hand in this. The version of Syndicate available for free through Origin right now is the version that came out in 1993. It’s a cyberpunk game where you lead four cyborgs through mission after mission before you accomplish your ultimate goal. It also offers a difference to the norm in that the battles, while still tactical, are going on in real-time.

Fans of such games as Shadowrun and XCOM should really be looking at picking up this free download if they haven’t already played Syndicate. As should those who’ve been playing or interested in the recent addition to Steam’s Early Access service, Satellite Reign. Satellite Reign is actually a spiritual successor to Syndicate’s direct sequel, Syndicate Wars.

As we stated above, Syndicate is available no on Origin via the services “On The House” giveaway system. We all know giving away games like this isn’t just their way of being nice. It’s a ploy to get Origin onto your machine. Then again, for the sake of a small amount of hard drive space taken up by something you might not even want, Syndicate is worth it. So very worth it.

Will you be picking up Syndicate? What other Bullfrog classics or indeed other titles from times gone by would you like to see in Origin’s “On the House” service next month. Let us know in the comments below.

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