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Star Citizen Has Nothing Compared to EVE: Valkyrie


Star Citizen Has Nothing Compared to EVE: Valkyrie

Star Citizen, the infamous cash-cow of Kickstarter which earned ludicrous amounts of money via their consistent crowdfunding campaigns, is still trucking along. To day, Star Citizen has managed to amass the fortune of $75mil for development, and as the game inches closer and closer to a finalized state, thousands of backers eagerly await the moment when they can coast and combat through the furthest reaches of space.

But in a galaxy far away, one known as New Eden, EVE Online has long since dominated the space race of video games. With a hugely expansive universe to pilot in, CCP Games has created a fantastic galaxy frought with high-profile scandals and space battles that are so massive in size and scope of losses that it’s hard to wrap anyone’s head around. And EVE is ready to take the next venture deeper into nullsec with the recent showing of a trailer for their latest title in the EVE franchise entitled EVE :Valkyrie. What is EVE : Valkyrie?

EVE: Valkyrie is being billed as a space dogfighting game. Players will command a fast-moving starship in the EVE universe and engage in large-scale sorties, similar to games like Ace Combat, except on a much larger scale. Moreover, part of the big appeal to EVE: Valkyrie is the design decision to focus this game around VR technology such as the Oculus Rift and Sony Morpheus. It’s a game designed to be as immersive as possible, and so far, the footage is stunnin

CCP Games has never shied away from grandiose plans for new games. When the small Icelandic studio released EVE Online 12 years ago, the thought of an MMO that was not only completely different from World of Warcraft but also placed all players into a persistent server was unheard of. And yet, EVE Online not only proved that it was a technological masterpiece in gaming, but has remained an extremely popular and viable game while many other MMOs have risen and fallen. CCP Games also released Dust 514, an FPS that linked together with the primary EVE Online, allowing those who fought on battlefields to influence the actions of those in EVE Online. Although the game was met with mixed reception, it was undoubtedly a technological leap forward in an industry that is often hesitant and scared of change. The decision to create a VR focused, dogfighting game in the same franchise comes as little surprise as CCP continues to innovate in every new game they create.

So how does one play EVE: Valkyrie? At the moment, the game is in pre-alpha, but CCP hopes to bring the game into public testing soon. Those who want to sign up for access to the alpha build must have an EVE Online or Dust 514 account. For those that have these credentials, they need only log-in and sign up.

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