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Sid Meier's Starships Guide: How to Pick the Best Wonders


Sid Meier's Starships Guide: How to Pick the Best Wonders

Eighteen wonders of the world.

Sid Meier’s Starships launches today and there’s a whole load of different Wonders to obtain. These Wonders work much like those of Civilization or Beyond Earth, granting overall benefits to your entire operation from the moment they are built. They come in a variety of different forms and as a result are important to different styles of gameplay. If you never use fighters, you’re not going to need Hyperlaunch and if you play using the Harmony Affinity there’s less importance to the Great Shipyard Wonder.

That’s why we decided to pull this guide together. Both as a resource where you can find every single Wonder listed and to advise you on whether it’s worth making it for your play style. Not every planet can make every Wonder don’t forget. Also bear in mind that your opponents can also build these Wonders on a planet where it’d be available unless you build it first. Enough of this random and probably extraneous text for you. Let’s get down to the business of Wonders in Sid Meier’s Starships.

Each one of the Wonders listed features the in-game description, along with a more in-depth look at its effects and a rating to help you make particular ones a priority.


sid meier's starships

Your fighters have full initial movement of launch. Hyperrail accelerators, rack storage for your fighters, and improved acceleration help get your pilots into the fight faster.

If you aren’t using using fighters in Sid Meier’s Starships then you’re probably doing yourself a disservice. These small aircrafts are not as capable of taking damage as your main vessels but they’re incredibly powerful when flown in behind enemy crafts to use their weapons at close range. Being able to launch them into combat quickly without having to go through a turn when they only get one hex of movement is a gift from the gods. They’re especially useful for getting around asteroids and hitting the enemy where it hurts.

Hyperlaunch is absolutely necessary if you use Fighters frequently, especially if you combine this with plenty of research into Artificial Intelligence to make them even more powerful. Combine it with the Dual Command and Tight Squeeze Wonders to give your Fighters even more power against your foes.

Warp Control

sid meier's starships

Gain control of tactical jumps through wormholes. Your scientists have learned how to predict the quantum indeterminacy of the warp, eliminating the randomness of warp operations.

Wormholes are those little orange spout-looking things that often pop up on maps. They can give you a distinct movement advantage over your enemies but they do throw you out in random places without this Wonder. The tide of battle can be turned with a simple destroyer or even a lowly fighter group in Sid Meier’s Starships. If you’re finding that you often have trouble maneuvering your fleet into a good position, Warp Control can give you an ability to easily engage from a position you find advantageous.

Warp Control is far from necessary. It can be easily surpassed by frequent upgrades on your engines and the use of Fighters to increase your ability to get ships to precisely where you need them. Don’t aim for Warp Control as a priority. Instead, only take it if you’ve got surplus Metals or if you’re going for a Wonder victory.

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