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Seven Dragon Saga Is a New Title by RPG Veterans


Seven Dragon Saga Is a New Title by RPG Veterans

Another new old school RPG coming to town.

If you’ve been around the gaming industry for a while already you probably know the full depth of what an old school RPG game is. This mysterious and seemingly legendary group of games is actually made up of a very diverse set of titles, which definitely set the ground for RPGs as we know them now. In this scenery, Seven Dragon Saga is a modern attempt to recover some features from those golden years.

This new project, which already started a Kickstarter campaign, is being developed by a new company called Tactical Simulations Interactive. Does that name ring a bell? Well, it should; TSI is made up by diverse veterans from the RPG scene, including former members of Strategic Simulations Inc. This means these are guys who were once involved in projects such as The Gold Box games, Pool of Radiance and Eternal Dagger, among others. They really know what they are talking about.

Among the central features in Seven Dragon Saga, there’s a huge focus on giving players the ability to create each character in their party. This is something that, even though wasn’t completely forgotten, has became quite rare in current RPG games. Along this intention, developers have chosen turn-based combat to give players full control of their party at all times.

To be honest, the really promising thing about Seven Dragon Saga is based on its developers’ proven expertise when it comes to telling interactive stories. In addition to having being around and active for a long time, they’ve made games that certainly shaped and influenced most of the RPGs we have enjoyed throughout the years. The cocktail becomes complete with the addition of Edwin McRae, Lead Narrative Designer of Path of Exile.

Seven Dragon Saga is a game to look forward to, even if you don’t really like crowdfunded projects. Even though it’s pretty early to tell, chances are it can be a pretty solid and interesting RPG. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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