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New Horror Game, Sacred Line Genesis, Breathes Life Into Retro Console


New Horror Game, Sacred Line Genesis, Breathes Life Into Retro Console

The Sega Genesis rides again!

You would think that after the passing of its 25th birthday this past August, the Sega Genesis would remain nothing but a fixture of nostalgia, a relic of history in which gamers can look fondly back on, but in the end – we can expect nothing new or novel to come about from it.  And yet, we could not have been more wrong. The Sega Genesis never really died – it was just on a long hiatus. 18 years after it was discontinued, the Sega Genesis is getting a release of a new video game.

The console’s latest and greatest hit is a horror game is called Sasha Darko’s Sacred Line Genesis, or Sacred Line Genesis for short. The game is being released on game cartridges that are compatible with the original Sega Genesis consoles. According to the developer, Sasha Darko, the game is a 16-bit, visual novel following the exploits of a private investigator, Ellen, being thrust into the midst of eldritch horror in Eastern Europe. Ellen, having inherited her detective business from her missing sister and on the verge of closing down, suddenly receives a mysterious phone call from a stranger to locate an outpost hidden deep in a forest which sets up the events of the rest of the game. The game boasts multiple story paths and game endings, and is populated with the fearful imagery of disembodied eyeballs and roguish, sinister skeletons taken seemingly right out of Army of Darkness.

The  game is being published by WaterMelon’s Magical Game Factory  and is available for purchase on the developer’s website for $39.00.

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