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Play Heroes of the Storm and They'll Pay Your College Tuition


Play Heroes of the Storm and They'll Pay Your College Tuition

No more ramen fueled nights for you! Well, if you win, at least.

College. A time for experimentation, finding oneself, gaining perspective on one’s small little place in the big, wide world. And… video games? MOBAs? Sure, why not, especially when Blizzard is willing to pay your way through college if you play Heroes of the Storm.

Blizzard’s much hyped MOBA which is actually pretty good is now following in the footsteps of League of Legends, who also offers a collegiate program, by announcing the first annual collegiate Heroes of the Storm tournament. You better freaking believe it’s entitled “Heroes of the Dorm.” Thank the stars for Blizzard and puns.

heroes of the storm

This game skyrocketed to the centerstage.

Jokes aside, this turns Heroes of the Storm into big business. If you can form a Heroes of the Storm team before March 26, you can enter your team of professional college MOBA stars to play Heroes of the Storm and compete through the group stages of Heroes of the Storm toward the Open Qualifiers. The top 64 teams will be entered into an elimination bracket. These teams will be whittled down to the top 4, the best of the best of college players, to compete in what will be called the Heroic Four in a live finals showdown of Heroes of the Storm which will be televised on ESPN. That’s a big deal.

heroes of the storm


Maybe some are hard pressed to believe a deal like this, which seems too good to be true. Money for video games? Start believing, because the winners of the Heroes of the Storm championship will be competing  for $450,000 in prizes. For players who are worried that you’re seniors and on their way out of college, no worries, because Blizzard will kickback $25,000 to pay back all those heft loans. The top four teams will also win an intense PC set-up which could probably pay half of a student loan on its own.

It’s just that simple! Form a Heroes of the Storms team, sign up, and compete for glory. Don’t have Heroes of the Storm yet, since it’s still in closed beta? Never fear, because those who are registered and entered into the tournament will receive a free code to access Heroes of the Storm and start playing. Not in college? There’s always the Fantasy Bracket, where the winners could potentially win up to $10,000 without even playing. Sign up at the official page on Heroes of the Storm‘s website right here.

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