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New Bloodborne Trailer Sends Chills down Your Spine


New Bloodborne Trailer Sends Chills down Your Spine

Someone turn on the lights now, please?

Likely as part of the celebrations that Bloodborne has gone gold, two weeks ahead of its release, Sony Japan have opened the doors to a mausoleum of craziness and set forth a new trailer on their YouTube channel.

Emerging this morning, the trailer shows of plenty of creatures to Bloodborne while being backed by the signature music you’d expect to hear in a From Software title. Huge top hats quickly clear the way for twisted creatures, while crawling baby like things cover the screen at a couple of points. There’s not really anything new being shown in this trailer but it does cement the fact that Bloodborne’s art direction is shaping up to be some of the most chilling we’ve seen for many moons.

There’s also a couple of celebrated appearances from some of the creepiest looking bosses to crawl onto the current generation of consoles. Now we aren’t going to spoil what they are if you aren’t planning to watch the trailer. That being said if you do give it a watch, there’s enough on show to make not pre-ordering Bloodborne difficult. We’re already looking at out bank balances and considering if not eating in December is worth it.

Does this new Bloodborne trailer tickle your fancy and get you all excited for the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, or are you looking more towards the upcoming Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin. Let us know in those comments below.

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