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New Bloodborne Screenshots Emerge; PVP and Online Gameplay Detailed


New Bloodborne Screenshots Emerge; PVP and Online Gameplay Detailed

Share dungeons and invade other worlds.

The official Japanese Bloodborne website was updated today to detail the game’s online features.

Bloodborne will allow up to three players to play in an online co-op mode where they will get to test their mettle against the bosses in the game. The co-op session will end when the boss has been defeated, or if the players lose.

To make for easier co-op play with friends, a “Watchword” feature has also been introduced where players will be able to set passwords for their online sessions.

Bloodborne will also support PVP gameplay where players can have their games invaded by others, similar to how it works in Dark Souls. The goal is for the invaders to defeat the host so that they’ll be rewarded when they are sent back to their own worlds.

It was also mentioned that a PlayStation Plus subscription will be required for players who wish to engage in online gameplay and sharing their Chalice Dungeons.

You can check out some of the newly released screenshots down below.

Bloodborne is set to be released for the PS4 on March 24.


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