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Murder Hundreds of Cute Anime Girls in Yandere Simulator


Murder Hundreds of Cute Anime Girls in Yandere Simulator

Senpai, notice me. Senpai, I said notice me. Don’t make me put you in the incinerator, senpai, I just want you to NOTICE ME!!!

It is a tale of love. A tale of senpai, and whether he is noticing the cute, shy, possibly a little harsh to talk to be otherwise adorable anime girl. But no… no, senpai is not noticing. In fact, he’s noticing some other cute anime girl. Well we can’t have that now, can we? Should we express our feelings to senpai? Should we confess our undying love to him? Should we perhaps negotiate with cute girl and tell her that we have feelings for our beloved?

No… We should slit that little girls throat.

yandere simulator

Welcome to the sardonically viscous concept of Yandere Simulator, which is in an early stage of alpha at the moment. For those not in the know, yandere is a Japanese term for an archetypal character, typical a female, who is “genuinely romantic, loving, kind… sweet and gentle, but is at the same time brutal, psychotic, or deranged in behavior.” In other words, Yandere Simulator is playing off this concept by offering up a cute anime girl to do what yanderes do best: be completely crazy and slay every cute girl who wants to date her one true love. Yuno from Mirai Nicki is a typical yandere girl for those who need a reference point, or checking out SourceFed NERD’s video on the tsundere tropes in Japanese anime (which includes yandere in their explanation – will be useful.

So what does Yandere Simulator have to offer as a game? Sadly, not much quite yet. Again, the game is in an extremely early state, featuring a variety of stabby-stabby weapons and a few ways to dispose of murderer corpses. But with a mixture of stealth gameplay to slay your female rivals, as well as an avoidance mechanic whereupon the yandere protagonist gets nervous around her senpai which is reminiscent of the avoidance mechanics in Octodad, the game offers a lot of promise. Add onto this a ratcheting up of difficulty, because if you’re witnessed committing murder, the witnesses may run away and call the police. And of course, you’ll have to dispose of the body in a style reminiscent of Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Yandere Simulator game has a playable state at the moment, mostly for debugging purposes, but for those who want a really early preview, it’s available for download now. Expect massive pools of blood and obligatory upskirting of victims. Or you can just see this extremely quick let’s play of the game which summarizes things pretty accurately. Note the reference to Attack on Titan at the end.

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