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Destiny Leaker on Crazy Streak; Afraid Secrets Will Be Spilled to Bungie


Destiny Leaker on Crazy Streak; Afraid Secrets Will Be Spilled to Bungie

Destiny prediction expert and international person of mystery, megamanexe4, has continued the run of accurate predictions. After nearly getting Xur’s inventory perfect last week, megamanexe4 then went on to accurately predict the weekly strike (Sepiks Prime) with the correct modifiers as well. While there’s no stone cold guarantee that everything megamanexe4 writes is going to be true, it becomes more difficult with each passing week to believe that it’s all just lucky guesses at this point.

So yeah, megamnexe4 can predict the weekly strikes and has dug up what Xur is capable of selling. That’s great and all, but the juicier information this week comes towards the bottom of his or her’s latest Reddit post:

-I’ve heard that the other person leaking information has said that he did so because I appeared, and that he might end up revealing how he does to to Bungie. Those decisions are entirely his own, and I have no part or responsibility in what he does.
-I’ll take no responsibility if the other person posts the list of Xur’s items for the week and then Bungie replaces him with a different Xur.

There’s another leaker in the midst and may potentially reveal how they are able to leak the information to Bungie.

Also, what’s this about replacing Xur with a different Xur? So what megamanexe4 means is that he or she believes that Xur has a set list of items that he could potentially offer each week. This is contrary to the common belief that the stock is random. So megamnaxe4 is worried that if Bungie catches wind of how these leakers are able to find out all of this information, they may change things up, including Xur’s inventory to throw everyone off. In fact, megamanexe4 believes that Bungie has an in case of emergency Xur of sorts (one with a totally different stock) in place that they can manually place instead of normal Xur just in case too much information is leaked out.

It seems that megamanexe4 is taking this all quite seriously, signing off with this cryptic message:

Now I’ve shared all the information I want to share. I probably won’t make any new posts for a while. If there are any changes to the data, I may let you guys know. Till we meet again.

That might be it for our prediction expert for a while. Still he or she was able to provide us with little tidbits on some unsolved mysteries before leaving which I’ll leave for you all down below, or you can check out the full post for yourself.

What do you think about megamanexe4? Is he or she the hero we need right now but not the one we deserve? Not buying into any of this? Let us know in the comments!

Regarding House of Wolves

-No changes to weapons, gear, or release date.
-I was unable to play any of the strikes or missions (I get kicked from the server whenever I try).
-Entering the Social Space causes Destiny to freeze.

Regarding Iron Banner and Inferno Matches

-This patch added Inferno Rumble and Inferno Skirmish.
-There were no physical changes to the existing Inferno and Iron Banner events.
-I am no longer able to check the list of Iron Banner goods for sale after April, due to an unknown bug.

Regarding the Trials of Osiris

-Cannot find any data about the Trials of Osiris with this patch.

About the Queen’s Wrath

-Couldn’t find any data about this either
However, I think this will show up since the Social Space is being added.


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