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Leonard Nimoy Memorial Orbital Station Will Be Added to Elite: Dangerous


Leonard Nimoy Memorial Orbital Station Will Be Added to Elite: Dangerous

Live long and prosper.

Leonard Nimoy is no longer among us and that’s a really tough fact for many people. His work, all over the art scene, will be remember forever not only because he was a great artist. This beloved actor and writer (among other things), made his way into the cultural foundation of modern culture way beyond his role in Star Trek.

Nimoy was no stranger to the video game industry either. Besides his more-than-expected participation in Star Trek games, he also got roles in important series such as Civilization and Kingdom Hearts. He was everywhere, and we were deeply blessed by his talent.

Now, no genius is needed to understand that Leonard Nimoy’s strongest influence has been, and will always be related to science fiction and space exploration. Spock truly was one of the most interesting and intelligent characters we have seen, and his cameos even turned into a must for science-related shows.

In this line, and as a very adequate homage for Leonard Nimoy, Elite: Dangerous will honour the legendary artist with an orbital station: Nimoy Memorial station. This new structure, to be added in the upcoming Wings update (1.2), will be placed around the Vulcan planet, which is exactly how it should be.

Of course it may not seem a lot to non-gamer communities, but having a place in which Leonard Nimoy (and his beloved alter-ego) can be remembered in a space game seems perfectly right. His work in Star Trek has been an influence to entire generations, not only concerning science studies but also space exploration. In a very similar way, space simulators and other space-related gaming genres also owe a lot to him.

Rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy; you really helped us dream about places where no man has gone before.

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