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Kerbal Space Program Players Can Get 3D Printed Models of Their Spacecraft


Kerbal Space Program Players Can Get 3D Printed Models of Their Spacecraft

To infinity and beyond!

Kerbal Space Program is a very unique game. Not only is Kerbal Space Program officially partnered with NASA due to its extreme diligence to replicating real-world and astrologically accurate physics, but the limitless content available to those who are bravely going where no Kerbal has gone before allows Kerbal Space Program to be the Minecraft of every astronaut’s dreams.

kerbal space program

Part of the beauty in Kerbal Space Program is diving into the spacecraft creator and learning the best designs to optimize engines and stabilizers into a mass of machinery that will allow your trusty Kerbal to pilot their way to any astrological body you desire. The joy of getting your first succesfully piloted ship in Kerbal Space Program that doesn’t end in an untimely death of its pilot of a feat beyond words, and getting such spacecraft into orbit as well as onto planetary bodies is a truly monumental feat that should go into the history books.

kerbal space program

Now that history of spacetravel can be memorialized forever in a 3D printed model of players’ very own spacecraft from in the game. No matter how intricately designed the ship may be, those who want a physical accessory to display their engineering genius from Kerbal Space Program need only contact this affiliate site working with the Kerbal Space Program team. Those who send in an appropriate .craft file and pay the $99 fee will earn themselves a real life recreation of their masterfully designed Kerbal Space Program ships. As can be seen in all the pictures, the massive variety gets pretty elaborate, meaning that any wild imagination that someone has come up with inside Kerbal Space Program could easily be recreated in real life out of sandstone and wax. Pretty awesome. Visit EUCL3D’s site to learn more if you want to get your own 3D model, or just snag Kerbal Space Program to see what all the fuss is about. 

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