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It's a Crime These 3 Historical Settings Don't Have Standout Games


It's a Crime These 3 Historical Settings Don't Have Standout Games

History is rich with plot and character. Here are some historical settings that would make amazing video games.

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Kublai Khan’s Mongol Empire (Kind of like Skyrim but bigger)


The Mongol Empire of the late 13th century stretched from Eastern Europe to the Pacific Ocean.  That’s a world that could potentially have you tracking through the Gobi desert, riding horseback through the Mongol steppe, or touring ornately decorated Chinese cities. It was ethnically diverse as well. Character creation would be rich as Mongolians, Han Chinese, Persians, Turks and many more ethnic groups would all be available. The Mongols honored religious freedom for their citizens. Choosing Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Islam or Christianity could offer different dialogue with various NPC’s and may even get you preferential treatment at some locations.

There are a few details that may need to be altered to make for a better game though. While the Mongol army was frequently invading kingdoms, the game may lack some action. The Mongols ran a tight ship and the Empire was relatively crime free. In order to make for a more exciting experience, maybe our character could be dispatched to severely punish numerous bandit camps.

The battles could be epic.

The battles could be epic.

You could be summoned to the Khan’s palace and take quests from him or you could visit the Venetian merchant, Marco Polo and be amused by the foreign explorer’s tales of ridiculous European customs.

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