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Iron Galaxy Reveals Killer Instinct Season 2's Creepy New Character


Iron Galaxy Reveals Killer Instinct Season 2's Creepy New Character

Developers Adam Heart and Isaac Torres, from Iron Galaxy Studios, revealed yesterday new information and gameplay content on Killer Instinct Season 2’s new character – Hisako, aka “Ghost Girl.” A 16 minute walkthrough consisting of footage that was unused during the Pax East 2015 Killer Instinct panel was posted.

Hisako, a grappler and counter-based character, is a ghoulish female samurai spirit wielding a naginata; her design is clearly inspired by classic Japanese horror movie imagery. And she is TERRIFYING.

The developers at Iron Galaxy developed her move set around this visual theme. Hisako has the slowest walking speed out of all the characters; however, her speed dash is one of the fastest in the game and can be used to take opponents off guard. She also has a move called “the Scent” where she sinks into the floor and teleports in wisp of black smoke right behind her foes.

Her naginata provides good range and great anti-air capability. Hisako has a special ability that allows her Wrath Meter to be constantly full. At full bar, every of attack of her’s is a counter hit; when the bar is not full, her moves act as regular attacks (although light punches and kicks do not deplete her Wrath Meter). She has an excellent range of counter hit moves that serve as openers into deadly combos. Furthermore, as long as she has over half her Wrath Meter available, she is able to counter and cancel any of her opponent’s moves. In complete cohesion with her theme, her play style is all about  fear: utilizing catch-counters effectively will put hesitation & intimidation into other player in attempting unsafe and risky openers and gives you space to control the playing field.

As a grappler, Hisako’s light command throw, “Influence”, is the fastest in the game and can be chained into a special combo at full Wrath. However, her second command throw, “Possession”, is by far the craziest and scariest move in her set. It is a grab that psychically pulls her opponents closer to her, then she proceeds to phase into their bodies and rips them from the inside out. You can hear and see every bone being grotesquely broken and distorted, and it is extremely satisfying.

Tell me you didn’t get chills down your spine from that. I dare you. 

Overall, Hisako is a character that rewards with players with good timing and are patient in finding and exploiting openings. She is definitely not a button-masher type as that drastically reduces her Wrath Meter and therefore locks out her grapple and counter hit potential. With her range, counters, ability to cancel, and ability to close gaps very quickly – Hisako makes for a ghastly, exciting new addition to the franchise.

Feel free to check out the entire walkthrough video bolow. What are your thoughts? Are you excited about the Hisako reveal?

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