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This Handy Chart Details MGSV DLC across All Three Versions


This Handy Chart Details MGSV DLC across All Three Versions

Fans of the cardboard box take notice.

It seems like most games these days just have to include a myriad of day-one DLC. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is no different. With today’s trend of DLC being split up and divided between a game’s various editions, trying to figure out exactly what it is you’re getting with your copy can be a tricky proposition.

Luckily user JBB from the MGO forums has provided a handy chart that outlines the digital and physical contents you can expect across The Phantom Pain’s Collector’s, Day One, and Digital Editions.

Metal Gear Solid 5

Click the image to see it full size.


As it stands the only way of receiving all 22 DLC items (and Metal Gear Online XP boost) from the outset appears to require the purchase of the Collector’s Edition of The Phantom Pain, as well as having the applicable save data to transfer from MGSV: Ground Zeroes. Hopefully you like small-scale bionic arms.

Purchasing of the Day One Edition of MGSV entitles you to a physical map, the MGO XP boost, and 4 pieces of DLC. Unfortunately the Day One DLC includes only one in-game cardboard box, so all of you cardboard box enthusiasts will have no choice but to pony up for the Collector’s Edition if you want the complete set bundled with your game.

Rounding out MGSV’s various editions, the Digital Day One Edition contains all of the items from the physical Day One Edition minus the physical map. Luckily you can still expect at least one DLC cardboard box to be included in this version.

For the most part The Phantom Pain’s day one DLC doesn’t appear to be too important if you’re just looking to buy the base game. There are a handful of weapons, shields and fatigues that–while useful–probably won’t detract from game’s overall experience when it releases this September. Those cardboard boxes, though? That shit is vital and restricting two of them to the Collector’s Edition is just downright cruel.

Shame on you, Konami.

Which edition of MGSV are you planning to pick up? What do you think of Konami’s day one DLC plan for MGSV? Are you upset about the cardboard box situation? Sound off below!

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