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Half an Hour of Xenoblade Chronicles X Combat Shown Off


Half an Hour of Xenoblade Chronicles X Combat Shown Off

Grab a coffee and get watching.

There’s palpable excitement in the air over on Wii U. There haven’t been as many barn-storming games as some may like on the console recently but with the upcoming arrival of Xenoblade Chronicles X, that could all be about to change.

On Wii, Xenoblade Chronicles became something of a cult hit which then morphed into one of the most popular games on the console among dedicated gamers. The title offered everyone an interestingly fresh story with all of the RPG features gamers wanted to get on their Wii. It’s popularity sent the game off onto a meteoric trajectory of popularity and essentially forced developers Monolith Soft to get to work on this latest iteration.

Luckily for those of us desperately waiting on this title’s release, Nintendo of Japan teamed up with Monolith Soft to show off half an hour of combat in Xenoblade Chronicles X. The video, which can be seen above, is actually a joy to watch even if you aren’t familiar with Japanese. It might be nice to know exactly what’s going on though, right?

Well you’re in luck, because if you want to read more about what’s being shown Gematsu have a huge write-up of the combat details in their piece which accompanied this video’s arrival.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is expected to arrive in Japan in April, with a western release expected sometime this year even though there is no concrete date as of yet.

Are you looking forward to Xenoblade Chronicles X as much as we are? Let us know in the comments below.

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