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GTA V PC Modders Planning Altis Life Inspired Add-On


GTA V PC Modders Planning Altis Life Inspired Add-On

Life in Los Santos is going to get ten times more real with this mod.

The crucible of PC gaming has its factions and hierarchies. One of the most important groups in the population is that of modders. They add everything from graphical updates to quality of life mods to games both big and small. While the radar of many mod creators for the past couple of years has been filled with ideas for Skyrim, Rockstar’s upcoming release of GTA V on PC has great swathes of them adjusting their trajectories. One group of mod makers has even decided to come together to create a life simulation framework for GTA V, heavily inspired by long-running Arma 3 mod Altis Life.

For those who aren’t familiar with Altis Life in Arma 3, it adds a veritable armory of factors which players use to carve out a life of their own. The main focus of it for many though is the cops and robbers area. Roleplayers get together as police to take on the criminal element. It’s quite the fun little experience as some cops take it upon themselves to be double agents as Altis Life literally gives you the possibility to live your own life within this arena.

Now bringing this to GTA V won’t be easy in some senses. The main one being that players can already play online as criminals so that factor is already done. What this mod, named Los Santos Life aims to do is create a stat tracking system of sorts which will allow people to take on multiple roles. There’s your cops and robbers obviously, who are joined by other professions like firefighters and medics.

Among the intended features are expanded ways to make money legally or illegally, a UI element that will track players’ hunger/thirst, spawn selections, and the aforementioned player database.

There’s no ETA on when Los Santos Life will reach GTA V, hell the game isn’t even out until April 14th on PC. Until it comes out you can read more about the mod and vote it higher up the rankings by taking a gander at the ModDB page.

Are you looking to GTA V as a place to create your own mods? Does this Altis Life-Inspired Los Santos Life mod peak your interest? Let us know down below in the comments.

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