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GTA V Online Heists Prove Patience Is a Virtue


GTA V Online Heists Prove Patience Is a Virtue

Let’s rob a bank.

So the time has finally arrived. A year and a half after launch the biggest addition to Grand Theft Auto Online has finally made its way to consoles all over the world. Heists are finally here and everyone is rejoicing now that they are able to make some serious bank with three of their closest friends. But, perhaps all of the excitement could be attributed to the long wait. Sometimes not having something you want/need will put something along the lines of rose colored glasses over your eyes. Kind of like how even the nastiest food will taste like it came straight from heaven after being without food for a whole day. That couldn’t possibly be the case with GTA Online‘s heists, right?


Heists are here, but are they worth bothering your friends over?

Fortunately enough that is nowhere near the case. Before we get into just what makes these newly introduced heists so great it’s only proper that the current server issues be addressed. Many individuals grew impatient so they left the web-connected Los Santos for greener pastures. Once the elusive heists were let loose on the wild  everyone seemed to have come flocking back and that put a serious strain on the servers. That led to (and is still leading to) problems with connecting to GTA Online. Naturally this has quite a few GTA fans up in arms since they are unable to partake in the criminal festivities.

While some have gone to extremes in expressing their dismay at the current state of heists, most complaints are understandable. It sucks having to wait months on end for content, only to end up having to wait even longer since the servers can’t handle the sheer volume of players. Yes, it can be argued that they should’ve been prepared due to the high anticipation of heists, but sometimes things happen.

We may not know the fix to these issues, but one thing we can say with certainty is that your temporary frustration will be greatly rewarded. In a word the heists are amazing. But one word is nowhere near sufficient enough to explain just how well worth the wait these heists are. Rockstar might have been dragging their feet in getting this content out there but the final product proves that they were serious when they said they wanted to provide the best experience to players.


It all starts with an office, some lockers, a blank wall, and a dream.

For those who have abstained from gaming publications up until now, heists in GTA Online are new co-op based multiplayer content that has a team of four players set up and execute a series of great heists.  These range anywhere from a simple small bank robbery, to breaking out a jailed high profile international criminal. You will need to utilize every crew member’s strength and focus on real team work if you are to have any success at reaching your goals.

That crucial teamwork is one of the primary strengths in GTA Online‘s heists. There are quite a few games out there that try to deliver a tight-knit team based experience. Recently Destiny‘s raids and Evolve‘s asynchronous multiplayer have tried to (quite successfully) sell experiences that revolve around working as a unit. To some extent, they do a great job.

Destiny‘s raids sometimes call for individuals to fill certain roles in order to advance. Each hunter in Evolve has a very specific task as you go out on your hunt. But, the roles in Destiny are interchangeable at the drop of a dime, providing some flexibility and a bit of a cushion to those not up to the task. While Evolve on the other hand forces each player into specific roles, you can still succeed even with some of your fellow hunters waiting to respawn. Both these games  provide a bit of wiggle room in order to keep the action moving.

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