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Here Is a Free Trial Code for Star Citizen's Free Fly Week


Here Is a Free Trial Code for Star Citizen's Free Fly Week

Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away.

You’ve obviously been using the internet. Heck you’re currently on it right now looking at this website. So you’ll have heard about some little game called Star Citizen. To date it has brought in more that $70 million in pledges and has space-sim fans around the world eagerly anticipating it’s arrival. In order to play the game right now with an F7C Hornet, you’d have to pay somewhere in the region of $125 for the pleasure. A little steep by anyone’s standards, right? Well we have a little offer for you.

Would you like to play Star Citizen right now for free?

Sure you would! Well first of all bear in mind that you’re going to need a fairly hefty rig underneath you before you can even attempt to run the game. For one, a 64 bit operating system is most certainly required, along with a Direct X video card carrying at least 1gb of memory, a quad-core CPU, and 8gbs of RAM. Oh and then there’s the 30gb of hard drive space this monster is going to eat up.

Got all that? Well then here’s your code.


Simply copy and paste that code before heading over to the Roberts Space Industries website using the link just over there. Sign up for an account and then in the Coupon Code box (labelled with a 2), copy the code above and prepare to download.

Now how’s that for a fun way to spend this weekend, playing Star Citizen for free.

You’ll get access to a ship which currently runs at $125, the F7C Hornet, and be able to play around in the game until this “Free Fly Week” ends March 15th, 2015. Do note this is an Alpha event so the game will not represent the final product.

Are you going to use this code to access Star Citizen this weekend? Then let us know how the game goes in the comments box below.


Here’s another code which will allow you play until March 20th


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