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Why Everyone Will Always Remember Their First Game


Why Everyone Will Always Remember Their First Game

That first credit sequence. So memorable. Such feels.

You’re Hooked

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The first time you beat a game, you get the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from having overcome a project a ton of people spent years working. Depending on the amount of people who contributed towards the game, that god-like feeling mentioned earlier may diminish a quarter of the way through the unskippable credit roll, as you desperately smash the buttons so you can get playing something else. The completion of your first game marks a significant point in any gamers life, the addiction truly sets in.

Nothing quite gets you hooked like the sense of accomplishment previously mentioned, and you seek to replicate that feeling over and over again through playing and completing more and more games. It’s very much like the idea of Xbox and Steam’s achievements system and Playstation’s Trophies, every time you unlock one of those bad boys, see the notification pop and hear the noise, it makes you feel good. That sense of accomplishment though will forever be dwarfed by that feeling you got when you beat your first game, and that’s why you owe it for getting you hooked.

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