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New Final Fantasy XV Trailer Shows off the Beautiful and Violent Wildlife


New Final Fantasy XV Trailer Shows off the Beautiful and Violent Wildlife

Watch how the various wildlife interact with each other in the latest Final Fantasy XV trailer.

Final Fantasy XV is just gorgeous. Regardless of what you think of recent mainline Final Fantasy entries, there’s no denying that the series always pushes home consoles to the limit graphically. The latest trailer for the upcoming JRPG and road rip simulator titled World of Wonder #1, shows how different creatures interact with each other in Final Fantasy XV’s areas.

Giant behemoth battle each other and attack their prey while more peaceful animals such as wild chocobo and frogs mind their own business. Final Fantasy XV seems to have its own living, breathing ecology that exists independent of the player’s actions.

Everything shown uses the game’s real-time graphics engine and it’s incredible to say the least. Whether you’re a fan of Final Fantasy or not, check out the above trailer and appreciate how far the series, and video game graphics in general have come.

Final Fantasy XV lacks a firm release date, but a demo for it titled Episode Duscae, will be included with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD preorders when that game is released in a few weeks on March 17th.


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