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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Guide: How to Play as Queen


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Guide: How to Play as Queen

“What? I- it’s not like I care about how my words affected Machina or anything!” I’m paraphrasing her actual line a little here but yes, every JRPG needs that tsundere type character and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is no exception to the rule. Always looking prim and proper, Queen is the smartest student in Class Zero and constantly earns looks of jealousy from Trey, who is also vying for the position of top dog in the class.

Queen wields a long sword and she’s also an incredibly powerful character to use especially during the early stages of the game, I might add. She’s great as both a short ranged melee fighter and a support character, though you’ll probably want to use her as more of an attacker when you’re first starting out. Her regular attacks consist of very quick stabs and jabs, making it pretty easy to hit Kill Sights and Break Sights for nearby enemies. Not to mention, she has decent speed and can zoom pretty quickly from one foe to the next.

The first ability that you’ll probably be abusing for the first few chapters of the game is Divine Judgment. This ability allows Queen to summon a giant cross that spins around her, attacking enemies while restoring HP to her allies. This makes her really useful as a support character as your squad might not have a large enough MP pool in the start to be spamming Cure all the time unless, of course, you have Rem in your party. However, Divine Judgment does take a second or so to be set up and the cross will stop spinning once Queen takes a hit. While the ability is useful in the early game, you’ll most likely have to swap this out for something else once you enter chapters 4 or 5.

Speedrush and Mana Sphere are two effective offensive abilities that you can get for Queen as well. Speedrush allows her to perform a quick dash towards your locked on target and this is useful for hitting Kill Sights and Break Sights. Mana Sphere is a long ranged ability that has Queen fire off energy orbs that fissure and damage enemies. Though I much prefer using Queen as a short ranged fighter, Mana Sphere is a good ability for anyone who wants to use her as a long ranged attacker. Equipping Mana Sphere and another magic element on her will make Queen a decent magic user.

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