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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Guide: How to Play as Eight


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Guide: How to Play as Eight

According to Eight’s online description, “he fights only using his limbs as he dislikes weapons that can easily take human lives.” Eight is the only character in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD who doesn’t wield a weapon, making him one of the more intriguing cadets on the roster to play as. You’d think that a pugilist like him would be able to deal powerful blows. Well… You’d be correct. Thanks to his love of the martial arts, Eight has a pretty damn high attack stat among his peers in Class Zero.

Eight is already pretty agile to begin with, and purchasing that Accelerate skill for him will allow him to practically fly across the battlefield. But the fundamental skills you should be focusing on for Eight are Slipstream and Untouchable. These will allow him to execute any number of dodges in a row and also increase the timing window for his dodges. This is especially crucial for Eight because he needs to get in close to his enemies in order to deal any damage. With such a close ranged fighter like him, it’s essential that he’s able to easily evade enemy attacks.

The Avoid defense spell is worth considering too; you get this spell from the moogle outside Akademia’s main doors as a reward for spending 10 hours in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. At the cost of some MP, Avoid will allow you to automatically dodge enemy attacks.

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