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Fable Legends Xbox One Preview – PAX East 2015


Fable Legends Xbox One Preview – PAX East 2015

Lionhead Studios’ next title in the Fable franchise, Fable Legends, is a new take on the Fable series. Check out Jeff’s experience of the game at PAX East.

The next title in Lionhead Studios’ Fable franchise is unlike any other Fable game you’ve ever played.

Fable Legends may not be the classic adventure title that you’re used too, but its new take on competitive gameplay is a fun change of pace for the series. I got my hands on Fable Legends during PAX East and played as the bow-wielding mysterious assassin hero known as Shroud.

The game’s design is a familiar one, as it looks like the Albion we have gotten to know over the years. The beautiful graphics are definitely something to look at, and it’s by far the most well-developed Fable multiplayer experience yet. Remember Fable III‘s co-op? Lionhead has really put their effort into the game’s multiplayer mechanics to get it to run smoothly, and it works.

Fable Legends
From magic, range, and up close and personal combat, the different fighting variations in the game are each different enough from each other that it makes playing as the different characters more attractive because it allows for new experiences each time. Within every four hero versus one villain battle, every player is required to work together in order to take down the one player who controls the villain character, who is can set brutal traps, and commands deadly creatures to make the heroes’ job much harder.

Though, the idea of a competitive Fable game did turn me off at first, playing it has completely changed my mind. Especially because it’s free. Even if you’re not into the whole Fable and role-playing type of game, it’s worth giving a shot. Did I mention that it’s free?

Fable Legends will be available to play for free on PC and Xbox One in 2015.


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