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Elite: Dangerous Also Confirmed for PlayStation 4


Elite: Dangerous Also Confirmed for PlayStation 4

All aboard for timed exclusivity station.

Earlier today, we reported on the arrival of Frontier Developments’ space-simulator Elite: Dangerous on Xbox One. The game is due to land on Microsoft’s latest home console sometime in the coming year. The announcement came from Microsoft during GDC 2015 and many fans of the series along with Xbox One owners praised the decision.

Now it seems, Elite Dangerous will also be making its way to Sony’s PlayStation 4 as well as perhaps other platforms (whatever they may be) after a tweet conversation between a Twitter user and Frontier Developments’ CEO David Braben, which can be seen below.

This isn’t a surprise by any stretch of the imagination. Of course Microsoft would love to have their own space sim exclusively on home consoles via the Xbox One. There is so much money to be made out there in the console market though that any developer who is already porting their game from its original platform (PC in the case of Elite: Dangerous) that it’d not be financially wise to only go one place.

Elite: Dangerous will likely find competition when its timed exclusivity is up on Xbox One however as No Man’s Sky is still on the way as another timed exclusive for PlayStation 4.

How long the exclusivity will last we don’t actually know yet, this hasn’t been publicly confirmed.

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