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Dying Light Ultimate Survivor Bundle Launches in March


Dying Light Ultimate Survivor Bundle Launches in March

Dying Light ain’t planning on dyin’ yet.

Dying Light has just been one of those games. It came out in January worldwide (although physical copies only reached European shores in February) and saw a far from undeserved level of success. The game’s season pass has already given players their first drop of content and now Techland are preparing the second to be let loose on the world. Also, Hard Mode.

First and foremost, Dying Light‘s Ultimate Survivor Bundle will include blueprints for four new weapons. These include the Constable, the Lacerator, the Night Club, and the oh-so-circular-saw Buzz Killer. Along with these three new outfits will be offered up to player. Two of them are okay but one allows you to dress as a ninja, so that’s what everyone will pick of course. This DLC will be given for free to all season pass holders as part of their ticket, but it’ll still be available to everyone else for $4.99/€4.99/£3.99.

This pack of goods for Dying Light is due to land on March 10th. There’s a couple of extra bits coming on that same date for Dying Light owners which may peak their interests further. Chief among which is the arrival of Hard Mode. Coming with it are improvements to the game’s performance, online functions, even more weapons, and the overall boosting of visual fidelity. These make up Dying Light‘s update 1.4.

Are you still playing and enjoying Dying Light? Does the idea of a new collection of weapons to gather or being a ninja make you want to pick up the Ultimate Survivor Bundle? Hell let us know if you have a season pass and it’s proving worthwhile in the comments box down below.

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