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Check Out the Final Movie Trailer for Dead Rising Watchtower


Check Out the Final Movie Trailer for Dead Rising Watchtower

Crackle and Legendary Digital Media have released their final trailer for the Dead Rising Watchtower film that is to be released on March 27. The film will follow Capcom’s traditional zombie apocalypse story.

The Dead Rising movie that was announced back in 2014 isn’t too far from reaching the public as the March 27 release date is approaching rather quickly. Legendary Digital Media and Crackle have unveiled the movie’s official final trailer, elaborating on much more of the familiar zombie apocalypse story.

Based on Capcom‘s successful video game franchise, Dead Rising, the movie follows tradition by giving the characters only a few days to uncover the story of a lifetime, use combo weapons to kill hordes of the undead, and survive until their lives are threatened with the use of a militarized fire-bombing.

Crackle’s description of the movie is as follows:

“After a zombie outbreak, three survivors must evade infection while tracking down the cause of the epidemic. Over-the-top media coverage adds to the chaos while signs point to a government conspiracy.”

Dead Rising Watchtower

The movie stars Jesse Metfcalfe, Dennis Haysbert, Rob Riggle as the fantastic Frank West, Epic Meal Time’s Harley Morenstein, Virginia Madsen, Meghan Ory, and Keegan Connor.

Dead Rising Watchtower will be the first release from Legendary Digital Media and will be exclusively streaming through Crackle on March 27.


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