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Bloodborne: How to get the Hunter Armor Set

how to get hunter armor set

Bloodborne: How to get the Hunter Armor Set

Every RPG player knows how important weapons and armor are. If you are specifically playing Bloodborne, then you already know this can escalate to a matter of life or death. Since this is a game in which progress is measured more by items and map shortcuts than actual character levels, you may very well look everywhere for hidden gear. Here’s how to get the Hunter Armor set in Bloodborne.

How to Get the Hunter Armor Set in Bloodborne

Bloodborne seems really generous at first, with the gifted weapons and all, but it ends right there. Everything else must be found, looted, or bought; and From Software never comes short when it comes to well-hidden loot spots. Luckily, the game’s iconic armor, the Hunter set, is waiting for you pretty much in the beginning of the game.

In order to find this hidden armor set this is what you need to do: From Central Yharnam’s lamp take the right path and kill the three enemies waiting on the way. Once you find the first staircase, deal with the small four-man mob walking on the street and then keep heading the very same direction they were going. Afterwards, it gets a but tricky since you’ll find lots of enemies on the pyre zone.

bloodborne pyre

The easy way to deal with them is to lure a few and take them out from a safe distance, since two of them have firearms and can become very annoying. After everything is done, you’ll definitely notice a big gate being banged on. Take the left walkway until you get to a small park featuring a water fountain where a new set of enemies is waiting for you.

Right after dealing with every beast in this zone, you’ll find a set of longer stairs heading to the bridge. Once there, instead of facing or even approaching the two badass werewolves, go straight to a twin set of stairs on the opposite side just like the ones you just climbed. Down there you’ll find a small trunked corridor filled with boxes and other stuff.

Carefully break everything in your way until you find a pit and a broken set of stairs. This is a secondary entrance to the sewers, and the only entrance to this part of the level.

You’ll need to watch your steps when going down. This specific part of the sewers is pretty much limited. Just be careful with the patrols, since those enemies can hit really hard, and then use the stairs to go to the water level.

Bloodborne sewer

After dealing with the rats, on the very opposite side from where you entered this area you’ll notice another drop to a deeper part of the sewers. Right before jumping down, since this is the only wait out, you will be ambushed by yet another of those beastly guys.

Once you’ve dealt with him, right close to the ledge and to the left you’ll find the Hunter Set. It’s pretty easy to miss, especially taking into account you’ll be pretty worried about the next drop and everything waiting for you down there, including disgusting enemies and more loot.

how to get hunter armor set bloodborne

Even though it becomes obsolete pretty soon, the Hunter armor is a lot better than both the starting garment and the Yharnam set, so don’t waste your precious Blood Echoes on buying anything else at the time. If that isn’t enough incentive, it looks extremely badass, which to be honest, is a big deal in Bloodborne and any other RPG.

That’s all for how to get the Hunter Armor set in Bloodborne. Best of luck surviving the rest of the game.

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