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Bloodborne: How to Get the Charred Hunter Armor Set

how to get charred hunter armor set

Bloodborne: How to Get the Charred Hunter Armor Set

Bloodborne, like other From Software titles, rewards those that stray from the beaten path. For those with a keen eye, and/or a sense of adventure, there are spoils that await you. Sometimes it’s Blood Echoes, sometimes it’s a consumable, but there are times when you get really lucky and are treated to some gear, like the Charred Hunter set. Here’s how to get the Charred Hunter armor set in Bloodborne.

How to Get the Charred Hunter Armor Set in Bloodborne

The Charred Hunter set consists of three pieces, Garb (coat), Gloves, and Trousers. The stat bonuses focus on physical damage resistance, and Fire resistance, which is something that may prove useful later on. The set is hidden pretty well, in the back of a very dark, heavily guarded room. Of course before dealing with these threats, you’ll have to actually find the room first.

To do so you’ll want to head to Old Yharnam, the place where you find yourself under fire from a rooftop machine gunner. Proceed as you normally would until you get to the location with the beasts and the lone hunter guarding that large open space.

The hunter will be a nuisance on your way to get the Charred Hunter set, so you probably want to deal with him ASAP. To do so, stay by the ramp leading to the open area, when he comes close, use your heavy attack then back step off of the platform.

The hunter won’t chase you down and will instead back up. Just repeat this and you’re set. Hunters, like bosses, only need to be killed once and never return.

Now you want to enter the open space and go to your left where there will be those super creepy raven enemies. Quickly take them down and examine the concrete railing. You’ll notice a gap in the part that connects to the back wall, and there is a ledge below it.

Roll onto the ledge, then roll onto the patio-like area below you. Here will be a door to an extremely dark, silent room which holds a few items for you which includes the Charred Hunter gear. Don’t let the silence fool you, there are many enemies in here.

Take your time and defeat all of them before heading up the stairs to the back of the room. If you’re having trouble, just lure them out of the room where you can deal with them either one by one, or in small controllable groups.

While climbing the flights of stairs stay alert. Sometimes all of the enemies don’t come down during the initial confrontation, so keep an eye out. Once you’re at the top of the steps, make a left and you’ll see a dead body sitting in a chair.

Examine the body and claim your reward, the Charred Hunter gear set. Equip it now, go store it in the Hunter’s Dream, or sell it. It now belongs to you to do with as you please.

That’s all for how to get the Charred Hunter armor set in Bloodborne. For more handy tips and guides for Bloodborne, check out our wiki.

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